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[jQuery] jQuery.load


    .load( url [, data ] [, complete(responseText, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) ] )  Returns: jQuery
  • url
    Type: String
    A string containing the URL to which the request is sent.
  • data
    Type: PlainObject or String
    A plain object or string that is sent to the server with the request.
  • complete(responseText, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest)
    Type: Function()
    A callback function that is executed when the request completes.


  1. subpage/page_01.php 내용
    <div id="div_sub1"> 
        div: id=div_sub1
        <p> p: test 1</p>
        <p> p: test 2</p>
    <div id="div_sub2"> div: id=div_sub2</div>
    <div id="div_sub3"> div: id=div_sub3</div>
  2. subpage/page_01.php의 모든 내용 출력
    $("#button1").click( function(){
        $("#div_1").load("subpage/page_01.php", function(res, status, xhr){
            console.log( xhr );
  3. subpage/page_01.php의 모든 내용중 P Tag element만 출력
    $("#button1").click( function(){
        $("#div_1").load("subpage/page_01.php p", function(res, status, xhr){
            console.log( xhr );
  4. subpage/page_01.php의 모든 내용중 P Tag, ID가 div_sub2인 element만 출력
    $("#button1").click( function(){
        $("#div_1").load("subpage/page_01.php p,#div_sub3", function(res, status, xhr){
            console.log( xhr );


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